Linda Kight-Candidate for the Republican Central Committee District 73 – March 3, 2020 Ballot

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Linda Kight, I am a common-sense conservative that supports President Trump and his America First Policies. I have been a resident of San Clemente since 1982 and a homeowner in our community for 35 years. I am a Christian, a mother, a business-woman and a patriot. I am running for a seat on the OCGOP Central Committee in Assembly District 73, with the goal of bringing a fresh perspective to the Committee.

The OCGOP Central Committee is a group of elected party members, comprised of 6 members per Assembly District. A seat on the committee is a volunteer, non-paid (or unpaid?) position. The main purpose of the Central Committee is to decide which candidates will be endorsed by the OCGOP, support those candidates, register more Republican voters, and in general, act as a hub for the OCGOP, with the goal of winning more Republican seats at all levels.

My top priorities are:

·        Save Prop 13 – No Split Roll Tax – VOTE NO on Prop 13

·        Repeal AB5 – Return Control to Independent Contractors/Freelancers 

·        Elect More Republicans to Office

When you vote for me, you tap into 36 years of business problem solving experience as a Commercial Property Manager. The Central Committee should have a wide variety of individuals and experience to effectively represent our community. Vote for those that can bring new vision to the Committee, in order to propel Orange County into the next decade and beyond as a strong Republican base again. Together, we can bring real solutions to the many issues not being addressed by the current agenda